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CNC Cutter Accessory

CNC Cutter Accessory
CNC Cutter Accessory CNC Cutter Accessory CNC Cutter Accessory CNC Cutter Accessory
CNC Cutter Accessory

Description of CNC Cutter Control System:

As a professional cutting machinery equipment manufacturer in China, we have imported many advanced CNC control systems, such as Spanish FAGOR digital control system, American Haibao EDGE digital control system, American BURNY 10 LCD digital control system, and American SDATE SH-2000 system. All of them feature powerful performance, easy operation, high adaptability, and more. Besides, as intellectualized control systems, all of them can do many cutting patterns with different specifications.
In the following, more information about our imported control systems will be given.

Spanish FAGOR Digital Control System:

1. This control system can clearly show tracks of the dynamic diagrams as well as track the cutting paths.
2. It can be preset the cutting path, and automatically report errors.
3. It can automatically make up for the temperature zero drift of servo unit.
4. This digital control system owns a synchronous bilateral driving function.
5. It can automatically clean the cutting nozzle itself during its operation.
6. It has a 32K internal memory capacity and an infinite external memory capacity.
7. This control system has auto data saving ability when power is off.

American Haibao EDGE Digital Control System:

1. This control system has a PIII566 center processor, a 256MB RAM, a 20G hard disk, a 1.44M build-in floppy driver, a 10.4 inch LCD display, and a Windows98/XP system.
2. It has breakpoint memorizing capacity as well as quick repositioning ability.
3. Its 43 macroprogram can be extended to 200 programs.
4. It can finish starting, preheating, high-pressure oxygen cutting, and switching off automatically.
5. The American Haibao EDGE digital control system has plate calibration function, and it can record the lifespan of the plasma electrode.
6. It owns a communication software with RS-232 interface.

American BURNY 10 LCD Digital Control System:

This BURNY 10 LCD digital control system is made based on PC and Windows NT, and it is one of the most advanced digital controlling systems from Cleveland Motion Control Company.
1. This digital control system has a 433MHz Intel Celeron CPU, a 128 RAM, a 20G hard disk, a 15-inch TFT LCD touch screen, a 1.44M 3.5″ floppy driver, and eight direction control keys.
2. It has repositioning capacity.
3. It can be preset and display the cutting path.
4. It has path memory function, which allows the cutting machine to be assigned to other emergent tasks during the operation.
5. It has a graphic library, and more graphs can be added to this graphic library.
6. This control system has DXF convertion function, and can directly download CAD/CAM/DXF files.

America SDATE SH-2000 System:

1. This SH-2000 system has a 9.4″LCD, and 3.5″floppy driver.
2. It has automatic graph zooming and revolving capacity, and kerf compensation function.
3. It also has memory capacity when power is off.
Wuxi ABK Machinery Co.Ltd is a professional manufacturer of CNC cutting equipment in China, and we can also provide many CNC cutter accessories for you, such as Spanish FAGOR digital control system, American Haibao EDGE digital control system, American BURNY 10 LCD digital control system, and America SDATE SH-2000 system. Besides, we can provide our clients around the world with many other products including wind tower production line, H beam welding line, welding equipment, pipe welding equipment, grinding machine, roll forming machine, plate bending machine, etc. We have obtained ISO and CE certification, and we also offer OEM service. Our products have been well received by customers from many countries, such as Spain, India, Germany, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Russia, Italy, France, Vietnam, and more. If you're interested in our CNC cutting equipment, please don't hesitate to contact us whenever you want.

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